Screw the week-long vacation. I'll see the world while I work.

I'm Taylor Coil. I'm traveling the world, living in 12 countries in 12 months while working remotely. is a documentation of that adventure, filled with thoughts and stories for people like me: those who can't wait to see, to taste, to experience.

I write about travel, divorce, food, personal reflections, happy moments, frustrating moments, and general real-life shit.

Professionally, I'm the marketing arm at Tortuga Backpacks. Yes, I travel with the full line of Tortuga products. Job perks.


But why this Blog?

I get really frustrated reading a lot of digital nomad blogs. There are too many "10 steps to change your life and work from the beach!!!" articles, too many critiques of those who made a different choice. They sell the idyllic, Instagram-heavy lifestyle and gloss over the mundane and the terrible.

I'm trying nomadism because I can. It might not go very well. When it's terrible, I'll write about the terrible. I won't wax poetic about some surreal, gorgeous, grateful moment when I'm actually chained to my bathroom with food poisoning.

I'm sick of the three-paragraph long Instagram captions about living your best life and being grateful for every moment. Fuck that. I'll tell you about the shitty stuff behind that moment. And I'll tell you when it's great, too, because it often is, but those will be genuine moments of gratitude. Not #blessed #lookatme moments.

I'll be honest about this experience. I'll keep it candid and colloquial.

I'm doing nomadism with Remote Year because I liked the idea of traveling with a community. I'm highly critical of the program and won't hide that, either. That story needs to be told.

Remote Year is great for some people, but not great for others. I'm decidedly in the second camp.

Anyway. I like to write. I'm doing a thing that people are interested in reading about. So, I'll write about it.