Product Spotlight: Eva Jo Rompers (the perfect airplane outfit)

I'm a fan of the whole "buy local" thing.

Eva Jo Rompers is a company founded in Durham, NC, my home and my city. I found out about it via an email to the Google Hub for Entrepreneurs' listserv (my former office #humblebrag). As soon as I skimmed through the Eva Jo Rompers Kickstarter page, I knew I had to order the Sylvie.

Because a jersey knit romper just might be the best. Travel outfit. Ever.

Thing Taylor is bad at: posing for outfit pictures. Also, relevant.

Thing Taylor is bad at: posing for outfit pictures. Also, relevant.

Here's what I need out of a travel outfit:

  1. Feels like pajamas, looks like clothes.
  2. Layerable, for the hot and humid pre-takeoff pre-AC airplane and for the frigid temperatures of 35,000 feet.
  3. Fabric that breathes. I get sweaty on planes. It's gross.

Eva Jo Rompers are all of those things. They're super cute, incredibly comfy, and look good on everyone. I have this one, which has definitely earned a spot in my capsule wardrobe for travel. It'll be what I'm wearing on my one-way flight to Montevideo. I'll slip it on for a stroll through Istanbul. I'll certainly wear it to work in a cafe in Prague. I kind of wish I had purchased a grey one, too.

Snuggle chic. A trend I can get behind.

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