A Fictional Interview with Jeff Farris (my boyfriend)

Editor's Note: I was planning on actually interviewing Jeff last night, but I fell asleep on the couch watching Rick and Morty. I had this entire fake conversation in the shower this morning with a fictionalized grumpy version of Jeff and it was funny in my head. You know how that happens? Yeah. So enjoy.

Taylor: Hey. Introduce yourself.

Jeff: What? What is happening?

Introduce yourself! I'm interviewing you for my blog.


Because you gave the link to all your coworkers and said "follow us here" and I thought you should be a part of the blog.

You're weird. But okay.

How did you find out about Remote Year?

You told me about it, ya dingus.

I know I told you about it. The people don't know I told you about it.

What people?

The people who read my blog!

Your mom definitely knows that you told me about Remote Year.

I don't think my mom reads my blog.

Well, fine. Chloe definitely knows that you told me about Remote Year.

Can we move on?

It's your interview, babe.

YesthankYoudear. Okay. Which Country / city are you most excited to visit?

That's a boring question.

You're a boring question. Just answer it.

I'm excited about all of them, but particularly Prague and Saigon.

It's not called Saigon anymore.

Well, I'm still excited to go there.

Will you hug a monkey with me in Bali?

No. They're disease machines. Also we aren't going to Bali.

I want to go to Bali and hug monkeys. 

Have fun getting monkey diseases.

Will you hug an alpaca with me? What about an elephant?


Fäviken or Noma?

That's not a fair question. Pick another question.

You have to choose.

No I don't. We can go to both.

Fäviken is very far away. I pick Noma because Copenhagen.

But babe Magnus!

You're right. Magnus. We can go to both.

Okay. We'll go to both.

Jeffers, ruining my Christmas pictures.

Jeffers, ruining my Christmas pictures.

Jeff Farris is my boyfriend and he is the worst. Jeff is a web developer at NetApp and is also doing Remote Year. He will make lots of appearances on Colloquial.ly.

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