Moving across the globe with someone you met three months ago is the best kind of insane.

I realize this sounds insane.

Jeff and I met at in June. I knew midway through our second date that I would crave his company - all the time. I knew I loved him in July, differently and more intensely than I've ever loved. And I knew in August that I wanted him to be my person indefinitely.

When I came across a Facebook ad for Remote Year, I emailed him the link immediately.

We signed up. Three weeks later, we were in and buying our one-way tickets to Uruguay.

In May, I didn't know Jeff's name. We fell fast - and sometimes that ends fast. I know that whirlwind romances have a bad track rate. We don't have the comfort and security of years under our belts to know that this will survive.

But people with years under their belts end, too. This doesn't feel whirlwind. This feels like two like minds with similar goals and humor and dreams and taste and sources of happy. He loves like I do and we trust each other. Take a deep breath, family. We're great together.

Making this decision with anyone is a little bit insane. There is so much that must be aligned in order to do this. Jeff and I are in a wonderful position - our lives are aligned. We can do this. We both wholeheartedly want to do this. We love each other - in feeling and in action - and a year abroad is the most beautiful way to start our lives together.

This is insane. In the best way.

Taylor Coil is traveling the world with Remote Year, living in 12 countries in 12 months, while working as a marketing manager. Follow along to read more philosophies on work, stories from the road, and general (mis)adventures. Sign up for the weekly email, or else read more from the blog.