2015 --> 2016

Oh man, another "year in review" blog post? Maybe.

A lot can happen in a year. The big stuff:

  • I met Jeff and all the people he loves
  • I fractured my tibia, the biggest frustration of the year
  • I met some great new friends, like Brendan and Jason
  • My divorce was finalized (finally)
  • I traveled to Acadia National Park
  • I quit my job in search of work-life integration (not just balance)
  • I lost 20 pounds out of depression and gained it all back when I could laugh again
  • I got into Remote Year
  • I sold a lot of stuff, and gave away the rest
  • I ran more races with my favorite running buddy
  • I got LASIK

And a few little moments:

  • I strolled my city with my grandfather, listening to his stories of childhood in downtown Durham during the 1930s and 1940s
  • I got chills reading a study of long-term non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivors with my dad - a moment I think of often because his survival was so unlikely
  • I ate marrow and oxtail confit on my second date with Jeff - my favorite meal of the year
  • I waterskiied with my stepbrother and watched him do tricks I could never attempt
  • I spent too much money on chai hot toddies with the Kizernator (...or not enough money?)
  • Goldman Sachs employees serenaded me and Amanda with Disney and Taylor Swift songs one hilarious night (and one kept biting us - it was very bizarre and Amanda got a bruise)
  • I watched wild horses on the shores of Carrot Island from a tandem Kayak with my guy

2015 was a year of change. 2016 will be a year of exploration. 

Header image: Esther Bonardi Hoffman. Thanks, auntie.

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