The stages of a new haircut

Ugh. Split ends.

Okay seriously my hair is getting too long.

Ooooooh these are cute.


Maybe I'll cut it off again.

But I feel like last time I did that, the curls went crazy.

And a couple of years ago I got triangle hair.

Nah, it'll be fine.

My stylist is really good.

Okay. Totally doing this.

The head massage is the best part of a haircut.

And Living Proof shampoo smells amazing.

But, Kristen, let's go a little bit longer than last time, if we can.

That looks about right.

Oh wow that's a lot of hair on the floor.

I'm glad you get free wine with a haircut.

Thanks for talking me out of bangs. Again. 

No, I won't forget that I have curls and cowlicks.

It's a lot shorter when it's dry.

How did you get it so shiny?

I have to take a picture to send to my mom!


It looks a little off, though.

Like not quite me.

Maybe because it isn't curly.

I'll curl it when I get home.

Okay, it's still not quite right.

I look like a ten-year-old.

How did I forget that short hair makes me look like a kid?

I'll wash it tomorrow.

That'll fix it.

I still look like a ten-year-old.

It'll grow back.

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