5 Argentinian Quirks

Specifically Buenos Aires quirks.


1. Want to buy an ice cream, or perhaps a beer?

You'll stand in one line, pay first, and get a number or a token. Take that to a different line, hand it to a different person behind the counter and eventually get your desired treat. It's very confusing and very inefficient. A South American friend says it's due to a cultural stigma where businesses only trust one person to handle money.

You confusing piece of delicious, you.

You confusing piece of delicious, you.


Which leads to a very smug Taylor, prancing across the street before the light actually changes. How very Buenos Aires I am.

3. Plants on plants on plants.

Houseplants. Everywhere. Crawling up half the buildings. On every balcony, on every patio. 


4. The pope is everywhere.

There's a lot of Papa Francisco love in BA. And of course there is - Pope Francis is from Argentina. We saw his home parish, a gorgeous cathedral in Plaza de Mayo.

You'll see casual references to the Pope many places, but particularly La Boca. Walk around the colorful caminito in La Boca and Pope Francis is everywhere. Paintings, statues, sculptures... everywhere. As ubiquitous as tango and parillas.

5. The lemonade is green.

This isn't a random quirk of one spot. I've ordered lemonade at countless restaurants. It's been green every time. Sometimes a slushy mint green, sometimes electric chartreuse.

Why? Because Argentinians add herbs to their lemonade. Usually mint and ginger, but sometimes basil, too. It's delicious. So delicious.

Salad and green lemonade at my go-to spot, Ninina Bakery.

Salad and green lemonade at my go-to spot, Ninina Bakery.

You're kinda weird, Buenos Aires, but I like you.

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