A Workday in Montevideo

A workday feels like the down time of Remote Year. This is a tiring life - a wonderful life, but one where your feet hurt more often than not. A workday is a welcome stretch of peace that rejuvenates and gets you ready for the next adventure. Here's what a workday looks like for me in Montevideo.

7 am

Rise, sans alarm. The sun is already shining.

7:45 am

Take the ancient and terrifying elevator to the first floor for a breakfast of watermelon, ham, cheese, coffee, pound cake, and dulce de leche.

8:15 am

Walk thirty minutes from the hotel to the Sinergia Coworking space. Admire the street art. Say hello to the scruffy little poodle right outside the tailor's shop - but don't touch. Will your body to stop sweating.

8:45 am - 12:30 pm

Work. Find a spot next to a fan. Will your body to stop sweating.

12:30 pm

Meander to the second floor of Sinergia and order the daily special (+ a salad) from Miguel, Sinergia's chef. Eat lunch on the roof with fellow Remotes and local Sinergians.

1:00 pm - 3 pm


3 pm

Walk to Grido, the ice cream shop near Sinergia. Buy a strawberry popsicle for 13 pesos ($0.41).

3:30 pm - 4:45 pm


4:45 pm

Check the #foodies channel on Slack to see what people are thinking for dinner. Jump in on someone's restaurant plans, or pick a place that another person tried and liked. 

5:00 pm

Walk the 30-minute trek back to the hotel with friends. 

5:30 pm

Wander the city for a while, attempt to buy groceries at a mercado, work out, grab an empanada for a snack, watch the sunset on the roof (at 8:00), stroll to the boardwalk, or relax at the hotel. Few things are open at 5:30pm in Montevideo.

8 PM

Walk to dinner. Most restaurants will be serving food by now, though a few won't open for another hour. Uruguayans eat very late.

10 pm

If you're lucky, your dinner will only take two hours. You'll start to walk home at 10 pm.

10:30 pm

Relax at the hotel and sleep soundly.

Jeff, during a city stroll

Jeff, during a city stroll

Taylor Coil is traveling the world with Remote Year, living in 12 countries in 12 months, while working as a marketing manager. Follow along to read more philosophies on work, stories from the road, and general (mis)adventures. Sign up for the weekly email or read more from the blog.