Buenos Aires: First Impressions

Everything about this city makes me happy.

I am admittedly biased. I'm coming off a tougher-than-expected month in Uruguay. From a tiny hotel room, no kitchen, and subpar food to a place that feels decidedly luxe.

Any upgrade will feel like an incredible treat. And oh, is Buenos Aires an upgrade.

I love the lemonade, infused with ginger and mint.

I love the patios, covered in house plants.

I love the colorful buildings and wrought iron gates.

I love the little scruffy dogs and the cats that sit in windowsills.

I love the breezy weather.

I love the abundance of green space.

I love the vines climbing up the buildings.

I love the rooftop pool, perfect for post-work bonding sessions.

I love the corner panaderías and their croissants, 5 pesos each.

I love the tree-line cobblestoned streets.

I love the boutiques, filled with beautifully tailored pants and buttery leather jackets.

I love the dinners alfresco and postres de helado artisinal.

I love the 25-minute walk to our workspace, time when I get to appreciate and experience all of the above.

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