Chicken Bros: an Expat Event in Buenos Aires

My first blog post from Argentina! Wow!

So what cool things have you done so far, you ask. Well. I worked. I cooked, which sounds simple but was the best feeling in the world after living in a tiny crappy hotel room for a month. I worked some more. I found approximately 50 million cafes and restaurants to try. I hung out with Chrissy, finally.

And I went to an expat event called The Monday Night Excuse, hosted by the Chicken Bros.

Here's the gist. 

The founders are called Tim and Justin. They're Americans living in Buenos Aires. The food in this city is quite good.... but sometimes you just want some good old fashioned USA goodness in your belly. Especially chicken. It's weirdly difficult to find good chicken dishes in South America. Remember the essential familiar? This is one of those nights.

So Tim and Justin started making and selling chicken wings. Every Monday, they take over an otherwise closed bar and have a pop-up chicken filled alcohol infused fiesta.

They had me at chicken wings. I just wanted some chicken wings, okay? The whole "I went to an expat event at a closed bar in Argentina" piece is just gravy.

Here, have a low-quality iPhone picture of food. No need to thank me.

Here, have a low-quality iPhone picture of food. No need to thank me.


So four of us left our hotel, walked five blocks in gorgeous Palermo, and rolled up to a welcome site: tons of people, packed into a bar, speaking English and licking buffalo sauce off their fingers. I talked to people from all over the world - from the states, from the UK, from Europe and even from New Zealand. 

Halba ingles? Michael asked, to the people standing in front of us in the chicken line. Yeah, man, I'm from England. I love traveling with extraverts.

I ordered a "margarita" and got a blended strawberry-lime drink that was incredibly spicy. I later learned that the Chicken Bros infuse their tequila with jalapeño. Because of course they do, because it's impossible to find spicy flavors in this corner of the world and that would be something else an expat would miss.

I laughed as Irish Andy flirted with every Argentinian girl he could find, and told me "no, Taylor, they're flirting with ME."

I lost my voice from yelling to my friends over the DJ.

I huddled in a little corner with Jeff, Michael, and Gustavo as we wolfed down tons of buffalo chicken wings with grins on our faces.

You know. Average Monday night activities.

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