For Chloe

Warning: Chloe, you're going to cry, don't read this at work. Or do, but don't immediately run into the Nugget guys at the coffee station afterwards. Go to the bathroom first and fix your mascara. Actually, scratch that, walk up to the Nugget guys and freak them out and then text me about it later.

Find your people and hold them dear. Sometimes, when I'm feeling really emotional about the people I love, I write about them. Thus far I've written about Brendan and Jeff. It's Chloe's turn. 

I have my people, wrapped up in my best friend. Sometimes, she feels like all of my people. She is the one who understands every nuance of my soul and compliments my essence with her own. She is my constant companion (no matter the distance), my platonic life partner, my favorite person. We understand and love each other in a way that is unparalleled. Stop crying, Chloe.

She is a brilliant, hilarious, loud (so loud), wise, kind, take-no-prisoners, self-aware, and a badass boss-goddess. "Boss bitch" isn't very on brand for Chloe. I see her more as a goddess. Though she'll tell you she's not a goddess, she's an elf - Galadriel, to be specific.




Some disjointed and emotional thoughts about my love for my best friend

You do not cross Chloe, because she might literally break your kneecaps (watch out, ex-husband who was mean to me and ex-boyfriend who was mean to both of us). I don't mean literally in the colloquial disambiguation sense - I mean literally. 

She has incredibly high standards. She knows what she values in a person and will hold you to that.

You can disagree, but you must be self-aware. She has no tolerance for "shitty people."

If you've won her favor, she is the most loyal person I know. Actively loyal.

She practices active love every day of our friendship. 


She lives by buddhist standards, but has a major Anthropologie habit. She's a bad buddhist. So am I. I'm a worse buddhist, because I'm not really a buddhist at all, I just admire Chloe's buddhism.

She forgives those she loves and practices kindness above all else.

She'll tell you when you're wrong, for all of the reasons that you're wrong, and then she'll love you so completely that you can't help but find the right way.

This is the purest and most uncomplicated love I have ever known.


Chloe helped me get through divorce with grace. She supported me and allowed me to be selfish with my emotions for months. She never once begrudged my weakness. It's hard to be there for someone during a time that turbulent. Chloe did it beautifully.

She is dear to me.

I hate that we are apart.

Chloe holds half of my heart.



I love you. I miss you every damn day. Literally every day. 

You are my people.

I am eternally grateful that distance has not weakened our bond.

Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Let's go live in a fairy house.

Your schnookums.

I don't miss working in an office, but I do miss attending entrepreneurial events with this one.

I don't miss working in an office, but I do miss attending entrepreneurial events with this one.


Header image: that time we bought gold iron-on letters and made funny tees that were funny for like 2 weeks and then we got sick of them

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