Fuerza Bruta: trust me, just go see it

It's like a postmodern, interactive cirque de soleil. Or maybe if Magritte, Rauschenberg, and Pollock were to come together and try performance art, just for kicks and giggles.

But a hundred times better.

It's interactive, exhilarating, INTENSE, and thoroughly surprising. I kept saying "WHAT IS HAPPENING," all while sporting a massive grin.

You'll get covered in confetti. You'll at least get spritzed. You can choose to get soaked. You should wear clothes you can move in, but know that the theatre will be warm inside and you'll want to jump around.

There's no "front." There are no seats. The stage is the entire venue, all 360 degrees. It's a blend of audio and tactile and visual stimulation.

The drums, the dancers, the acrobats!

I can't really describe what else happens at Fuerza Bruta, for two reasons:

  1. The form of art is truly performance. I can't recount the night and do it justice. This art deserves to be experienced - not retold.
  2. It's better if you just go, and don't know what to expect. Part of the fun is the "what the hell" sensation.

Here's a tiny little taste of the music (which is far more intense in person):

Fuerza Bruta started in Buenos Aires, but has since expanded to New York. It translates to "brute force," which makes sense once you've seen it.

If you're in either city, don't miss Fuerza Bruta. Actually, scratch that, if you're on the East Coast book a $150 round trip ticket to NYC and just go see it. Like, next weekend. Or come down to Buenos Aires and I'll take you.

It's the best show I've ever seen, likely the coolest performance art I'll ever experience. That's not hyperbole. I mean it.

Just trust me.

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