Gin y Tonica, 4pm, Palermo, Buenos Aires

This is a top spot, Dave told us. 

Fast wifi and friendly staff. Good food, too.

But I've already eaten. I really don't want more coffee. They don't have tea on the menu.

All of the smoothies have milk in them. Stupid lactose intolerance.

Okay, fine, I'll get a gin and tonic.

It's cheap and isn't it kinda socially acceptable to drink at 4pm?

Plus, I'm working on creative things right now.

Creative tasks are enhanced by alcohol, right?

Gin y tonica, por favor. Bombay Sapphire. Gracias!

Scroll through imagery. 

Find the perfect shot.

Reformat a page of this doc.

Ah, perfecto. Nada mas, gracias.

I love how Argentinians put mint in their gin and tonics.

Mmmm, a cold G&T is so satisfying in warm weather.



Oh shit, that's strong.

It's mostly gin.

The bartender laughs. He nudges his friend, who grins at me.

Strong? they ask, giving me a grin and a thumbs up.

Si, fuerte!

Maybe there's a different word for strong in this context. 

Oh, he's coming back.

Para ti.

That's so nice, they brought me water.

I'll take a sip. I should hydrate.

Nope. That's not water.

That's extra tonica, to dilute my drink.

Well played, chuckling bartender.

I guess it is 4pm.

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