Montevideo: The Good And The Bad

There are a lot of things I love about Montevideo. On the whole, I do like it here. I am happy and life is great. 

I love that I walk six miles a day, I love the colorful street art, I love the abundance of vintage VW bugs. I love being in a coworking space with 75 new friends. I love the bonding experiences and the rooftop patio where I journal. I love that the locals are friendly and patient with my stumbling Spanish. I love sharing moments with Jeff. I love that I haven't seen a single mosquito and I even love that I'm usually covered in sweat - it's such a welcome respite from winter.

But there are things I don't love about Montevideo. Uruguay was never a place that was on my list, and I doubt I'll return when we get on the ferry to Buenos Aires at the end of the month.

For the most part, I don't like the food. It's either excellent or bland, and little in between. I do love the empanadas and the parrilladas - but I don't want to eat that much meat and that much bread. I miss variety and I miss having an abundance of fresh, healthy goodness all around me. 

I don't like seeing stray dogs on the corners. It breaks my heart and makes me miss my sweet little pup who now lives with her daddy. I walked past a poor stray who was malnourished and disease-ridden during an otherwise wonderful morning in Ciudad Vieja. The image of that dog's banged up and infected face won't leave my head.

I don't like that things never seem to be open. I've walked past so many things I want to explore, so many places I want to eat - and they're never open. I'd like this city a lot more if the city would let me experience it.

Edit: I don't mean that places in Uruguay keep inconvenient hours. I mean that until today (Feb 13), literally 3/4 of the shops and restaurants were closed 24/7. This is apparently due to Carnaval. The city shuts the hell DOWN during the peak holiday season. 12 days of nothing being open got very frustrating. Now it's better!

On, I always want to be honest.

If I'm struggling with nomadic life, I will talk about that.

If I'm blissfully and unbelievably happy, I will talk about that.

If I'm overwhelmed or bored out of my mind, I will talk about that.

This isn't a sunshine and daisies travel blog. I will talk about all of the little wonderful moments, and then I'll show the rougher underbelly of this life. I'll show you my joy and my pain.

I'm not in pain and I'm not struggling. Montevideo is not my favorite place in the world, but I'm so grateful to be here.

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