Things That I Read & Loved: 1/29/16

Welcome to a new series on - a list of the articles I read this week (and loved).

Why I work remotely (hint: it has nothing to do with productivity)

  • Category: remote work
  • Source: Signal V Noise (Basecamp)
  • Quote: "After you’ve read all the books and articles about keeping on-task when working from home, setting up the perfect home office, avoiding loneliness, staying connected, sidestepping distractions, and avoiding interruptions I’d suggest one thing: embrace interruptions."

Be As You Are

  • Category: personal
  • Source: Ashley Daigneault
  • Quote: "We have this microscopic amount of time on Earth where our hearts continue to beat in our chests and our bodies allow us to move and create and love. Who has time to waste on things they don’t really like? And even more — time to waste worrying about what other people do like?"

What it's like to be invisible

  • Category: feminism
  • Source: Laila Janah
  • Quote: "Men: if you want to help women achieve gender parity in all aspects of life, which is one of the greatest struggles of our time, you can do something. Introduce the women in your life as full human beings with interesting stories, talents, and ambitions, rather than accessories."

The Road to Mediocrity Is Paved with Best Practices

  • Category: marketing, but applicable to all business
  • Source: Austin Knight
  • Quote: "Best practices, while useful in some respects, are generally “one size fits all” solutions that do not account for the context of unique audiences, products, and businesses. In turn, this kills innovation and propels businesses toward a state of mediocrity."

31 Brilliant Landing Page Examples

  • Category: marketing
  • Source: Klientboost
  • Quote: "Instead of attempting to give you some sort of typical “perfect landing page” advice, we’re going to be realistic and present 31 unique landing page examples that are brilliant for a variety of reasons."

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