Hi, Can I Come Into Your House and Cook Your Food?

I had the pleasure of attending a cooking class at Martán Cocina. This isn't the kind of cooking class where you show up to an institution, don chef's coats, and play with liquid nitrogen.

We cooked with Martan in his own home. We used local ingredients whenever possible. We listened to his stories and combined ingredients with his guidance. It felt like a family of ten cooking together, and it was wonderful.

Martan gave us vodka mixed with passionfuit and mango. He made pâté from scratch. And he made us feel right at home on the beautiful patio that his wife, an architect, designed.

I felt like we got a taste of real Uruguay and got to see how people operate in their own spaces - not just at restaurants and not just at the workspace. A home is intimate and private. Eating lamb that we braised together in the home of Martan was peaceful and the perfect scene to facilitate bonding.

I hope we have the chance to cook with a local in every city. Or at least hang out in someone's home and enjoy their company.

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